Our Mission


To close with and bring together American Veterans of any branch or era in an effort to eliminate the solidarity that haunts us after our service. 

Our Vision


To see all of Americas Veterans thriving post service as opposed to just surviving. 

About Us


How it all started

 -In October of 2016, GY6 began humbly with 4 Veterans simply seeking peer to peer support.  


Our Membership

 -Over the past 2 plus years a Ministry has birthed with over 60 members who include Veterans from all branches, eras and experiences. GY6 continues to show steady growth.  


Join Us


-We meet weekly on Mondays at 6:00pm, come hear our stories and/or share yours with your fellow brothers & sisters. 

Only Veterans or Active Duty military personal are allowed at the regular Monday meetings. 

    -What is shared at GY6 stays at GY6.